League Tables

As part of the Ashwood Membership Programme, members receive discounted entry fees and are also eligible to gain points towards the overall Members Rider Ranking. We are currently running the Winter Rider Rankings from October 2019 – April 2020.

Current standings as at 29/01/20

Junior Rider Rankings

Phoebe Glover 22points
Macy Stokes 71points
Charlotte Lees 23points
Connie Askin 7points
Isobel Beasley 14points
Charlotte Power 13points
Emily Power 19points
Abbie Trumper 1points
Sophie Coupe 23points
Edward Davies-Simpson 31points
Louise Murray 21points
Zea Adams 24points
Molly Wilson 6points

Senior Rider Rankings

Ruth Minton 6points
Georgie Hill 19points
Tia Cartwright 15points
Katherine Axten 5points
Sally-Anne Christian 13points
Megan Smith 3points
Amy Bevans 18points
Chris Crane 18points
Eva Price 4points
Sue Insull 24points
Kate Hardt 9points
Teresa Evans 8points
Alexandra Newcombe 6points
Sharon Moore 6points

Current standings as at 31/12/19

Showcross 30

Macy Stokes / Shacklebridge Otello 14points
Grace Gandy / Maisy 12points
Phoebe Glover / Jumping Jack Flash 6points
Grace Gandy / Merle 4points
Freya Jenvey / Mascot 5points

Showcross 40

Macy Stokes / Shacklebridge Otello 13points
Phoebe Glover / Jumping Jack Flash 10points
Charlotte Lees / Lady Sydney 6points
Emma Seaton / Piper 6points
Grace Gandy / Merle 6points
Gracie Wright / Riley 3points
Robert Digwood / Casanova 4points

Showcross 50

Gracie Wright / Riley 9points
Charlotte Lees / Lady Sydney 9points
Neve Wright / Leo 7points
Connie Askin / Alfie 6points
Sophie Kelly / Lil Legs 6points
Kayla Hall / Hyde Lea Neyo 5points
Sophie Kelly / Princess 5points
Eva Price / Majestic Swish 5points
Esmie Timmis / Maesteg Nancy 5points
Phoebe Glover / Jumping Jack Flash 4points
Karen Tidman / Welsh Wizzard 4points
Chris Crane / Bonnie 3points
Georgia Brough / Fred 2points
Anne Marshall / Matherion Gethin 2points

Showcross 60

Neve Wright / Leo 10points
Kayla Hall / Hyde Lea Neyo 8points
Karen Tidman / Spring Leopard 6points
Gracie Wright / Riley 6points
Sophie Kelly / Loki God of Mischief 6points
Meg Greenwell / Toby 4points
Marnie Dunne / Beeches Silver 4points
Karen Gollins / Ronnie 4points
Connie Lloyd / Daisy 3points
Charlotte Tongue / Royal Emblem 3points
Kathryn axten / Anna 2points
Helen Jordan / Buster J 2points
Georgina Lloyd / Badge of Honour 2points
Conie Askin / Alfie 1points
Charlotte Lees / Lady Sydney 1points

Showcross 70

Isobel Beasley / Vinnie 6points
Neve Wright / Leo 6points
Natalie Meakins / Street Devil 6points
Megan Harris / April 5points
Jessica Lowe / Paddy 5points
Andrea Edge / Rock of Behiustan 5points
Rachel Morris / Dan 4points
Gracie Wright / Riley 4points
Marnie Dunne / Beeches Silver 4points
Maya James / Coral 3points
Anna Posiwnycz / Lilly 3points
Lucy Webster / Ikke 2points
Will Gaff / Fuego 2points
Molly Grew / Piglet 1points

Showcross 80

Evie Horne / Bouncing Tigger III 6points
Gemma Riley / Megan 6points
Nancy Kelsey / Painted Pink 6points
Beverley Snaith / Milly 5points
John Tellwright / Dan 5points
Jane Matthews / Star 5points
Abbie Burrows / Alfie 4points
Shannon Mills / Jago 4points
Jane Green / Mansty Star 4points
April Harper / Ben 3points
Alexandra Newcombe / Shanbally Epona 3points
Olivia McLaughlin / Illane Spark 3points
Amy Morris / Schmaul 2points
Laura May / Atui 2points
Andrea Edge / Rock of Behiustan 1points
Isobel Beasley / Vinnie 1points

Showcross 90

John Tellwright / Dan 6points
Jessica Grainger / Mick 6points
Jane Matthews / Star 5points
Laura May / Atui 5points
Evie Horne / Bouncing Tigger III 4points
Josie Hobbs / Bill 4points
Amy Morris / Schmaul 3points
Olivia McLaughlin / Illane Spark 3points
Darren Watts / Smokey 2points
Racheal Kneller / Titan Diamond 2points
John Tellwright / Guinness 1points
Alexandra Newcombe / Shanbally Epona 6points
Beverley Snaith / Bazaars Viewpoint 5points

Showcross 1.00m

Jessica Grainger / Mick 6points
Josie Hobbs / Bill 5points

Current standings as at 31/12/19

60 cms

Kate Hardt / Irish Ginger Nut 10points
Chris Crane / Bonnie 9points
Marnie Dunne / Troy 7points
Helen Amison / Minty 6points
Ellie Bunce / Cruising Gracefully 6points
Lisa Madden / Colorado on a Mission 3points
James Dalkin / Jessica 2points
Kara Miller / Sally 4points
Caroline Watterson / Evie 4points
Penny Russell / Caramac 3points
Kayla Hall / Hyde Lea Neyo 2points
Beatrice Bailye-Hawkins / Blackertor Burlington Bertie 1points

70 cms

Kara Miller / Sally 8points
Summer Beech / Oxhouse Jazzie Laddie 6points
Carla Taylor / Woodbank Pioneer 6points
Carys Clark / Danny Boy 6points
Jane Strong / Ebony 5points
Molly Grew / Rodney 5points
Rachael Turner / Ruby 5points
Heather Twist / Duke 4points
Edward Davies - Simpson / Sisulu 4points
Leanne Breeze / Thor 3points
Emily Chambers / Ronnie 3points
Jessica Lowe / Paddy 3points
Maya James / Coral 2points
Bethany Evans / Dyson 2points
Sophie Eardley / Ella 1points

80 cms

Georgina Beeson / Magic Maggie 15points
Rachael Sharpe / Mohill Millie 11points
Claire Howie / Objectivity 7points
Emily Brown / Tess 6points
Holly Miller / Snowy 5points
Olivia McLaughlin / Illane Spark 4points
Freya Weekes / Blondy 3points
Lauren Dixon / Rasputins Rockafella 3points
Kirsty Smith / Tubby 2points
Sarah Williams / Diamond 2points
Heather Boundy / Kings Vanquish 2points
Megan Baxter / Coevers RS 1points
Julie Brown / Millie 1points
Jo Latham / Basil 1points

90 cms

Amy Bevans / Anna's Delight 16points
Sarah Williams / Diamond 10points
Pam Lloyd / Jack 6points
Rebecca Joynt / Nora 5points
Holly Miller / Snowy 4points
Chloe Sharman / Krespy Krem 4points
Holly / Isabella 3points
Julie Brown / Millie 3points
Emily Brown / Tess 2points
Jack Granfield / Bingo (Mr Bingley) 2points
Claire Howie / Objectivity 1points